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Fire Update 3

Dear Brethren, Concordant Bodies, Family, and Friends of Horace W. Tyler Lodge and Temple,

I’m sorry that I have not put out fire updates in awhile… An understanding of the situation has been murky, even for those of us leading the effort, but it’s starting to clear up a bit.  We thank everybody for your continued understanding as we get through this very difficult occurrence and repair process.   This has been a stressful time for all of us and we all just need to remember to think and act like the Brothers and Sisters that we are.

WM Steve Turner and Temple President Rufus Allen held a meeting Thursday evening for all constituent bodies to pass information, but a significant change has already occurred since then.  Our General Contractor (Belfore Reconstruction) informed us yesterday that their asbestos testing results have returned and we found out that while there is no asbestos in the top floor (like we thought there was), there is asbestos in the lower floor that needs remediation.  For that reason (and others), Belfore told us they must repair the lower floor before the upper floor.  This means that all organizational functions (that can occur) starting next week will have to take place on the upper floor.

This is the schedule as we know it right now.  But please be flexible because this will likely change.  As information is updated, I will send out an updated schedule.  While it is not known right now how long this entire process will take (best guess is multiple months), we should be getting a better schedule from the contractor on Monday:

20-22 September (Sat/Sun/Mon):  Constituent bodies remove all items not owned by Tyler Lodge.  Tyler Lodge remove all items that we don’t want in long-term storage.  COME HELP !!!!!!

Monday, 22 Sep – Wed, 24 Sep:  ServiceMaster (clean-up crew) will clean, box, and store all kitchen goods as well as all Tyler-owned furniture on the lower floor.  Bro Charles Covington will help identify those items going into offsite storage, and those items to remain onsite in a Pods container.

Tuesday, 23 Sep, 7:30pm:  Horace Tyler Lodge First Degree will be held as scheduled upstairs.  Enter upstairs through the north or east doors.

Thurs, 25 Sep — Fri, 26 Sep:  Belfore Reconstruction will prepare lower floor for demolition and reconstruction.  They will seal the lower floor construction area from the upper floor with a zippered seal somewhere near the top of the stairwell.  The upstairs bathrooms will be accessible.

Monday, 29 Sep:  Belfore Reconstruction will begin demolition of area around the furnace room downstairs.  This will cause the highest release of asbestos dust during the process, which the contractor will contain as much as possible.  However, the containment is not perfect.  At some point after the initial demolition process, Belfore will let us know when it is safe to reoccupy the upstairs while they continue work downstairs.


Rest of October:  Belfore Reconstruction will continue reconstruction of the downstairs area.  This will include a new ceiling, new furnace, reconstructed stairway, kitchen hood/vent, and paint job.  They will restock the lower floor with everything stored before declaring the lower floor done.   During this period, the only entrance that we may use are the East and North upper doors.

Sometime after October:  Belfore Reconstruction will open the lower floor to us and start demolition/reconstruction on the upper floor.  All masonic activities will occur downstairs while upstairs repairs occur.  The furnace should be in good order by this time.

Other Related Issues:

Tyler Lodge Garage Sale:  CANCELLED.  We have been collecting items throughout the year for the sale, but it has been too difficult to find a period to prepare and conduct the sale, and we now need to clear the stuff from the building.  Therefore, all items collected must be gotten rid of.  The ARC of Washington is sending a truck Monday morning at 7 am to load up and remove everything that is left.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO LOOK AT AND TAKE ANY GARAGE SALE ITEMS, PLEASE COME BY THE LODGE SUNDAY.  IF YOU HAVE STORED ANYTHING IN THE LODGE, IT WILL LIKELY BE GIVEN AWAY WITH THE GARAGE SALE ITEMS UNLESS YOU COME AND CLAIM THEM.

Tyler Past Master’s Dinner:  Indefinitely postponed.

Eastern Star Penny Sale:  They are currently making a determination on this Oct 11 sale and will put out word to their members.

Help Needed: Please contact me or the leadership of your constituent bodies.  There is busy activity at the lodge all weekend and people are needed to help move things around.  We need some bodies to help load the ARC truck Monday at 7am, and there will likely be activity throughout the day moving more stuff.  We could use trucks Sunday and Monday, maybe more days…

In the Faith (and we need a lot of it right now),

Bud Truitt
Secretary Horace Tyler Lodge and Tyler Templeboard

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Fire Update 2

Brethren of Horace W. Tyler and Evergreen Lodges, Ladies and Gentlemen of Tyler Chapter and Bethel 32,

INSURANCE DEDUCTABLE PAID OFF!!!  WB Rufus Allen (Templeboard President) had requested help to pay off the $1000 fire insurance deductable, and boy I’m impressed how quickly you brothers came through for your lodge.  Within days, I had $200 in checks and by last night’s meeting, we collected a total of $1032 in cash and checks for the insurance deductable.  I deposited $1002 today and by direction of the lodge, am using $30 for a gift for the lady who reported the fire and basically saved our building (We will also invite her to dinner at some future date).  At the end of repair process, that $1000 will be used to pay the contractor’s final payment.  With your permission, I will start a new fund with any further monies that arrive to me, that will be turned over to the Templeboard for the many miscellaneous costs that I’m sure will ensue in this process.

Tyler Lodge met in stated meeting last night and many brothers had a chance to inspect the damage.  You noticed that the lodge room has for now been cleared of smoke odor through the use of ozone machines over this last weekend.  However, that doesn’t mean that we are free of smoke damage in that room…

Today, WB Rufus Allen, WM Steve Turner, and others met with our insurance adjuster and a potential contractor to get an initial scope of the repairs to take place.  While the direct fire damage is contained mostly to one room and the floor above, they noted the extensive evidence throughout the building of compressed smoke in the walls and ceiling.  This will entail removing ceilings in the lodge room and fellowship hall to make it right.  So while I personally was hoping for little impact to our work in the lodge room, that’s not to be the case.  The good news is that we can expect the finished repairs to create an improvement to our building’s insulation/wiring/etc.  We have good insurance.  Initial thoughts are about a 3-month repair process.  The Templeboard’s priorities for repair are:  1.  Seal the open vent where the fire started.  2. New or repaired main doors.  3.  Make sure furnace works or replace it.  4.  Upstairs repairs.  5.  Downstairs repairs.  The Templeboard’s goal is to have the upstairs or downstairs available during the entire repair process, making the building usable throughout the process.  Of course, many details will have to be worked out and we will all have to remain as flexible as possible.  We’re not exactly sure yet when the contractor will start, because the city must first come in and do a survey of the damage and repairs for permit/code purposes.

As part of the process, lodge/chapter/bethel paraphanelia will have to be removed from the premises to either the opposite floor, or to a on-site storage unit that the adjuster said will be provided.  Contractors can and will do this as part of the claim process, but organizations will want to stay involved.

On a side note, at lodge last night, one of our elder brothers, WB Bill Mickelson, feinted in his seat and we called for an ambulance and treated for first aid.  Bill is at St Claire hospital in Lakewood, Room 2222 for at least today.  I saw him today; he’s talking and in good spirits but is having some blood pressure issues that they are trying to straighten out before he goes home.  We been in contact with his sons David and VWB Dean Mickelson.  Join me in wishing Bill a quick and lasting recovery !

In the Faith,

Bud Truitt
Secretary, Horace W. Tyler Lodge #290 and Tyler Templeboard

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Fire Update

Brethren of Horace W. Tyler and Evergreen Lodges, Ladies and Gentlemen of Tyler Chapter and Bethel 32,

We left the Tyler Temple locked up yesterday (Monday) and five of us reconvened there today at 11am to meet with Deputy Fire Marshall Roberts, who was the first investigator on the scene.  He took daylight pictures today and answered our questions.  He had already suspected, but confirmed for us that the fire was started from an outside source.  There is an old large vent that passes from the mechanical room to the outside onto the alley on the west side of the building.  Someone apparently inserted something with an accelerant into that vent from the alley.  This is what caught the rafters on fire.  Since this is now a criminal arson case, he is turning his evidence, pictures, and notes over to a Pierce County Sheriff’s criminal investigator.  However, they have freed us to clean and repair the damage while the investigation proceeds.

WM Steve Turner contacted our insurance company who filed our claim.  While we have yet to meet with an adjuster, they authorized us to start work with the ServiceMaster Restore cleaning company.  Michelle Lowe from ServiceMaster came to the lodge this afternoon after the Fire Marshall and made her own assessment.  The fire damaged area needs to wait cleanup until we have a general contractor to make repairs.  Late this afternoon, ServiceMaster started simple cleanup like wiping soot off of surfaces and cleaning floors.  Later they will run hydroxyl machines and fans too eliminate odors.  Their goal is to have the building clean enough for the September 9 Tyler Lodge meeting.

Concordant Bodies:  This is what Evergreen, Tyler Chapter, and Bethel 32 can do now. Arrange a time to come to the lodge and check all of your regalia for smoke damage or odor.  While none of the regalia was directly damaged, smoke has a tendency to penetrate everything that is porous throughout the building.  WM Steve will check with the adjuster on getting these type of materials dry-cleaned and paid for by insurance.  He could use an inventory of items needing cleaning.  You might have to move your items to another location in order to detect odor since the smell in the building rather overwhelms the senses.

Upcoming Meetings:  Evergreen Lodge is meeting Wednesday at Steilacoom Lodge.  Tyler Eastern Star Chapter has cancelled their Thursday meeting.  Tyler Templeboard will meet as scheduled on Monday 6:30pm.   Tyler Lodge will meet as scheduled on Tuesday (9 Sep) at 7:30pm, but there will not be a 6:30 dinner.

Access to the Temple:  For now there is only one access door on the East side upstairs.  The four keys to this door are held by:  Charles Covington, Bud Truitt, Steve Turner, Rufus Allen.   As building manager (and closest resident to the Temple), Charles is the first point of contact for access.

Thanks for the continued offers of help and money.  We’re going to let the official insurance process take place for now.

In the Faith,

Bud Truitt
Secretary, Horace W. Tyler Lodge and Templeboard

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Building Fire

Brethren of Horace W. Tyler and Evergreen Lodges, Ladies and Gentlemen of Tyler Chapter and Bethel 32,

There has been a fire that damaged portions of the west (back) side of the Tyler temple building.   The UP Fire Department was alerted to the fire at approximately 9:30pm last night, Aug 30 to smoke emanating from the Temple.  The fire department broke into the upstairs and downstairs main doors on the north side of the building and put out the fire located in the ceiling rafters of the mechanical room on the west side first floor.  The fire also flowed out into the rafters above the first floor hallway.  Other than the rafters, the fire damage pokes through slightly into the second floor near the top of the stairwell.   While the Fire Marshall has made some preliminary assessments and collected forensic evidence, the investigation is not complete and the Marshall will be consulting with the Pierce County Sherriff’s office.  They directed us to stay out of the mechanical room until further notice.  We expect to get more information on Tuesday.

I was the first to be alerted by the Pierce County Fire Marshall today, Aug 31 at 1:30am.  The Marshall then called Bro Charles Covington (building manager and nearest member) while I alerted WB Rufus Allen (Templeboard President) and WM Steve Turner.  We all arrived at the temple soon after and were briefed by the fire department.  By then, a company called by the fire department was boarding up the doors that were broken through.  Consequently, any entrance into the building is currently limited to the East side door, which now has a hasp and new lock on it.

Concordant bodies should make preparations to meet at alternate locations this coming week.  Use of the building could be soon, but it depends at a minimum, on the completion of the investigation.  But there is also cleanup, water damage, smoke odor, door replacement, and possible electrical damage that must be dealt with in addition to repairing the direct fire damage.   WM Steve Turner is alerting our insurance company in the morning.

I will put out updates as more information becomes available.   If you have questions or concerns, contact the Templeboard President WB Rufus Allen or myself as Templeboard and Lodge Secretary.

Since I don’t have all emails of all the members of Evergreen Lodge, Tyler Chapter, or Bethel 32, representatives of those organizations should forward this email.

While this is certainly bad news for all of us, we can be thankful that nobody was hurt and that there were alert folks in the apartments nearby that reported the fire and it was put out at a an early stage.

In the Faith,

Bud Truitt
Secretary, Horace W. Tyler Lodge and Tyler Templeboard

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New this year, the Lodge participated in the Duck Daze Parade with the City of University Place. We walked the parade with a banner, furnished by Bro. Charles Covington, and had a booth set up. Many people stopped by to talk and learn about the craft. A picture of a few of the Brothers.


We’ll also have a table set up at the University Place Sun Fest on August 2nd at Cirque Park, 7250 Cirque Dr. West.


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May Trestleboard

The newest edition of the Trestleboiard has been posted! It is available for download in the Trestleboard archives or you can read it on the page.


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2014 Elected Officers


The 2014 Officers were elected in November and installed in December. Worshipful master this year, for the third time, is Steve Turner. Sr. Warden Gary Grahn, Jr Warden Charles Covington. Come to the Lodge and help them have a successful year. W.B. Turner has a lot of plan on the board.


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September Stated!


We’ve had a wonderful summer of sunshine. The time is drawing close to resuming our labor in the Lodge. Tuesday September 10th is our next stated meeting. Please attend and learn about the many repairs that have been accomplished on the Temple as well as catch up with the brothers you’ve missed over the summer!

See you there!


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Widows’ Brunch

This past Memorial Day, the brothers from Horace W. Tyler held our annual Widows’ Brunch. This year it was held at the Spring Lake Cafe in Fircrest. W.B. Dick Taylor provided roses for the widows and took some pictures.




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May 2013 Trestleboard


I’ve uploaded the newest edition of our trestleboard to the Trestleboard Page. Its a full 5 pages this time! The downloadable version has the extra information in addition to what is viewable on the page.


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