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A trestle board is a design board for the Master Workman (Architect) to draw his plans and designs upon to give the workmen an outline of the work to be performed. As Freemasons, we use the Trestleboard to inform and enlighten our lodge brethren.”


FROM THE EAST: Greetings my brothers, from the Oriental Chair. It’s been a busy season so far for the lodge. Young new brothers entering and earning the recognition of a job well earned. Two 3rd degrees in one month. Along with a courtesy degree and some others, it’s kept the ritual team busy. We old masons can only marvel at the enthusiasm we see from our new masons and remember when we felt the same way. Come sit in lodge with your brothers and have a round of good fellowship. Much going on this summer. We are participating in the UP Days parade in June, and have a booth to set up for the fair. We will cheer the Rainier’s in Aug as the lodge(s) descends on Cheney stadium. We have repairs to the temple in the way of insulating the oversize doors, and painting the wooden façade. Lots to do to keep your lodge in good shape to well represent the temple and the Craft. We can always put to good use another willing hand so come on down. Hope to see old friends in lodge soon. If you need a ride please call one of the brothers and well pick you up if not bring a brother who may need one. Stay safe and see you in lodge.

W.B. Steve Turner, Worshipful Master



Your lodge has slowly been moving in a new direction. Over the past few years, a few small changes have been made. These are paying off in dividends of increased membership and brotherhood. We have a monthly open house, open to anyone, to see the lodge and meet the brothers. We do have a great many events planned for the coming summer getting out in front of the general public. These provide some excellent times for fellowship and to show one of the external arms of Freemasonry. Many degrees have been performed this year. The degree teams have been doing an excellent job and should be congratulated. When there is an absence, another brother steps in to fill the place quickly and effortlessly. We have a great many more degrees coming. We are now providing an education on Masonry to those who would seek it. I have found it to be very fulfilling. This may be one of the reasons we are see the growth of our craft. Come out and support, and get to know these new brethren, get reacquainted with your old brethren.

Gary Grahn, Senior Warden


FROM THE SOUTH: It’s been a busy year full of growth and exciting new changes here at Horace W. Tyler. The Lodge has Raised 5 new Master Masons in the last 12 months. We’re expanding our community involvement this year, participating in both the University Place Festival and U.P. Duck Daze Parade. We’ve got indoor/outdoor maintenance and beautifying projects planned for the building this Spring and Summer. Even the structure of our monthly Stated Meetings has changed with the refreshing addition of a Masonic education lesson. All this on top of Tacoma Rainer’s baseball games, our monthly “Ask a Mason” public open houses, garage sale, Adopt-a- Road cleanup, Summer picnic and Meaning of Masonry Classes. If you haven’t been to Lodge in a while now is the perfect time to come down and see for yourself the positive direction the Lodge is heading. If transportation is an issue please do not hesitate to reach out to the Secretary or one of the Lodge Officers. We can easily arrange a ride for you. Hope to see you in Lodge soon Brothers!

Charles Covington, Junior Warden



Brethren, we’ve certainly been having a lot of degree activity recently – the first time in my memory with two Third Degrees in one month. Several First Degrees are coming up so please show your support for our new brothers and attend. Your Master directed last January that I start emailing out our meeting minutes to all brothers. There has been a very positive response from many of you who have not been able to make meetings – now you can see that our business meetings are not all fluff! If you don’t get the minutes, please send me a reminder. Start collecting your spring cleaning stuff to donate to our annual lodge garage sale. The date will be set soon, but it will be this summer. We can likely start storing stuff in the lodge near the end of June. If you need to call me, please from now on use my cell phone number 253-312-****. You can always email me.

W.B. Bud Truitt, Secretary


From Tyler Chapter #248 OES

May       15          Stated Meeting, short form & DOC*. Honor Mothers.

June       5          Stated Meeting, L F* & DOC. Honor Flag.

8          Pasta/Cheese Cake Dinner, noon to 4pm.

19          Stated Meeting, L F & DOC. Honor Fathers.

30, July 1 & 2, Grand Chapter in Yakima.

  1. 4          Official Visit with Naomi, wear Chapter dress.

??           Chapter Picnic – TBA

27-30     Coffee Stop at SEA-TAC.

  1. 4          Stated Meeting, short form, Chapter Dress, Education

Night. Pot Luck Dinner at 6:00pm.

18          Stated Meeting, L F, DOC. Honor Star Points. Balloting.

*DOC = Dress of Choice

*LF = Long Form


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