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Fire Update

Posted by on October 1, 2014

Dear Brethren, Concordant Bodies, Family, and Friends of Horace W. Tyler Lodge and Temple,

Thanks to all Tyler and concordant body members for all the work that had to be done to remove and store so much of our paraphernalia.  I KNOW how hard it has been.

All the rest of the equipment, chairs, tables, kitchen wares, etc from the lower floor has been stored in a large trailer-size container that is sitting in the alleyway west of the lodge.  This storage container blocks the car path around the building and will for the foreseeable future, so please be aware that this complicates parking at the lodge.  To enter our parking lot, you now have to go IN what is normally the exit and then back into a slot.  For many of you it may be easier just to park across the street just to avoid the confusion.

The sub-contractor in charge of demolition is working this week on the lower fellowship hall floor, as scheduled.  They have been working in the large room tearing out the acoustical tiles yesterday and today.  When I saw them today about noon, they had about 50% of the tiles removed.  They also disposed of all the trash remaining outside the lodge.  Tomorrow (Wednesday) they will begin the asbestos remediation, which involves removing the ceiling drywall (which was coated with a minimal asbestos-containing texture).  They will also be tearing out the direct fire damaged wood.  They have encased the area with plastic and will be running negative pressure devises to suck out and filter 99.9% of all demolition dust.  They assured me that it’s safe to conduct meetings on the upper floor, even this week.  The demolition contractor will be done with their part this week and the reconstruction contractor can start on the lower floor next week.  Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a good prediction of how long that will take.  We hope to get more information on that soon.

I included a few photos of today’s activities.

The schedule hasn’t changed much from what I put out last.  But again please be flexible because this will likely change.  As information is updated, I will send out an updated schedule.  While it is not known right now how long this entire process will take (best guess is multiple months).


Wednesday, 1 Oct:  Evergreen Lodge Stated Meeting will be held as scheduled upstairs Tyler Temple.  Enter upstairs through the north or east doors.  Do not go downstairs.

Thursday, 2 Oct:  Tyler Chapter OES will hold chapter at Parkland Lodge at 7:30pm.

Monday, 6 Oct:  Tyler Temple board Meeting postponed until later TBA.  Belfore Reconstruction should be starting reconstruction of lower floor.

Tuesday, 7 Oct:  Tyler Lodge Stated Meeting will be held as scheduled upstairs Tyler Temple.  Enter upstairs through the north or east doors.  Do not go downstairs.

Saturday, 11 Oct:  Tyler Chapter OES Penny Sale will has been moved to ReLife School, 5515 44th St E, Puyallup, near River Road.  Lynne Truitt is coordinating this new location.

Thursday, 16 Oct:  Tyler Chapter OES holding chapter at ? Location.

Rest of October:  Belfore Reconstruction will continue reconstruction of the downstairs area.  This will include a new ceiling, new furnace, reconstructed stairway, kitchen hood/vent, and paint job.  They will restock the lower floor with everything stored before declaring the lower floor done.   During this period, the only entrance that we may use are the East and North upper doors.

Sometime after October:  Belfore Reconstruction will open the lower floor to us and start demolition/reconstruction on the upper floor.  All masonic activities will occur downstairs while upstairs repairs occur.  The furnace should be in good order by this time.

In the Faith,

Bud Truitt
Secretary Horace Tyler Lodge and Tyler Templeboard

Foyer Preparation lr Acoustical Tile Removal lr Acoustical Tile Removal 2 lr Dirct Fire Damage

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