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A Message from WM Gene Giegoldt

Posted by on December 31, 2019

Horace W. Tyler Lodge No. 290 12/16/19

From: The Office of Master of Horace W. Tyler Lodge No. 290

To: All Masonic Brothers

Subject: Introduction

Brethren, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is WM Gene T. Giegoldt.

For the next year, I will be Master of Horace W. Tyler Lodge No. 290. At this time, I would like to invite all the Brethren and Family members to as many of our Stated Meetings as you can attend. Some of things to encourage attendance will be to “Open” on the First Degree which will allow more participation by the Entered Apprentice and Fellow Craft Brothers. These
particular Brothers need the fellowship and support of the older and wiser senior Brothers and we will use this opportunity to teach “More Light in Masonry”.

My primary plan is to change a few things that will drive more interest in Lodge attendance. I plan to invite all the family members into Lodge for a ten-minute discussion of current events and also to form a “Honey Bee” committee that will take on special events and friendship projects. We need everyone’s support and participation. New committees will be made and
formed to benefit the Lodge. Monthly travel to other Lodges by our Brothers will be encouraged. A proactive support of our elderly brothers will be undertaken, which simply means we will visit once a month, a forgotten Brother or Widow, when possible.

There are several areas that I think we can improve on such as Ritual Practice and Esoteric. I plan to develop a Degree Team along with the participation of other Lodges, whereby we can do any Degree with a little less notice and confusion. Other suggestions are welcome.

One major comment on the State of the Lodge is, during this past year as Senior Warden, I have seen a renewed energy in our Lodge. New Brothers are stepping up to help out and we need to continue this support. Coaching is now available for those who need it and we welcome all the Brothers to attend these degree sessions.

I am excited to be elected as your new Master and with your support, I will to the best of my abilities, fulfill all my obligations.

Finally, my Brothers, I welcome all of your input, concerns, and thoughts, and I will listen attentively to any suggestions that might benefit the Lodge or its Members. I can always be reached for comment or discussion at the following email (email web site administrator or use “contact us” form)

Thank you for your Support, Friendship, and Brotherly Love.
WM Gene T. Giegoldt

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