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Freemasonry is Yours.

Posted by on February 14, 2012

Every Mason has an equal right to his part in masonry.  The supply is inexhaustible.  In fact, the more you take from Masonry, the greater will be the supply.  It is yours if you are willing to pay the price in study in the application of Masonic principles and teachings, in practice of patience, and making the sacrifice that is required.

No Mason is denied his share of the vast privileges of the Institution. A brother who cannot attend lodge regularly and take an active part in the meeting, still may partake generously of all that Masonry has by contributing to the welfare of the community; by representing in his life the ideals that he has accepted as a Mason, and by using Masonry as a force for good in the pursuance of his daily labours.

It is by having part that we are enabled to receive more.  It is by being Masons that we may enjoy the limitless opportunity for growth in Masonry.

It is the giving of the light that we have which makes it possible for us to seek and to receive more light.


-Masonic Tidings

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